Requesting Downloads*

Creating an account at Thomas Magno Custom Stock gives you access to unlimited downloads of 3000 x 2000 pixel images. This allows enough resolution for you to prepare high quality comps and mood boards for presentation to clients.

To register, please complete the account information form below. You will receive an account confirmation link, and as soon as you confirm your email, you will receive your account activation. The password is your first and last names, lowercase, no space (i.e. juliesmith). You may reset the password at any time.

Log in and then start building your Lightbox. The images you select will then be provided to you via our dedicated FTP service, Send This File.

*Any use beyond viewing or presentation including posting to websites or any social media requires a written license, signed contract and a payment of fees by the client. All the images on the Thomas Magno Custom Stock website are protected by copyright on file with the Library of Congress and remain the sole and exclusive property of Thomas Magno. Any commercial use of any image downloaded from this site without licensing and permission of Thomas Magno will be considered copyright infringement and will be subject to potential litigation.